Avenue, Not Street: Insight from a High School Bandmember

Ashley Sarpong, Writer

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Michael Rago, ‘19, serves as the the epitome of the type of student you would like to be friends with in high school. The senior has gone through a plethora of obstacles throughout his experience here at Loyola Academy, from friendship drama to dealing with difficult classes, but the personality he has established for himself outside of the school is what sets him apart from others.

Rago is a guitarist in a band called, Avenue, Not Street; this community has helped him pinpoint his individuality as one who finds inspiration through music.

The band has been together for around five months and, after having indulged in a multitude of covers, is in the process of writing their own material. Classical rock acts, such as AC/DC and Foo Fighters serve as inspiration for the band as they embark on the journey. Future plans include recording a full-length demo in a recording studio that the group has secured.

In response to what the most grueling aspect of being in a band is, Rago replied, “Everyone can be a good musician, but if you don’t congeal with the people around you, can’t read each other, can’t stay in time, then it’s hard to play music.”  

Rago’s band has previously played in this year’s Variety Show; the group gained fame here at Loyola Academy. Approval was shown, not only from the audience, but from members of another band at school.

Jack McNabb drums for the band, Wilde, and also knows exactly what it is like to be in a band while simultaneously managing high school. Similarly to Rago, McNabb has built a community with his musical peers, one which he compared to a family. The senior stated, “It’s a group that I can turn to when I need to talk, but it’s also a group that pushes me to be a better musician.”

The musical realm here at Loyola Academy is full of rising stars who not only share similar dreams of retaining as steady career in the field, but also value their bandmates like family.