A Greener Change

Emily Eshoo, Writer

Reduce the plastic – let’s save Earth one salad at a time.

Ever get a salad from Loyola’s famous, fancy cafeteria? Well, if you haven’t, you should go take a look. Stacks and stacks of plastic containers ranging in sizes. We need a change, and we need it now.

Loyola Academy made a huge deal about banning plastic water bottles in order to cut down on plastic, however they sell every other drink in plastic, ranging from Gatorade to soda pop. Drinks are items that may not be as easy to find an alternative to, but containers have many other options.

As many people see during Friday specials, the stir fry section serves its meals in biodegradable bowls that are safe for the environment and the perfect size, too. Without a lid, these containers would cut down on Loyola’s plastic intake tremendously, and can be the first step to eliminating it for good.

Loyola has taken a step in the right direction by changing their usual plastic straws in the caf to paper straws. With the right idea and set goals in mind, Loyola can soon become a plastic free environment.