The Loud Luau Exceeds Expectations

Madeline Fitzgerald, Writer

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Friday, October 4th the Freshman Luau took place in the West Gym from seven to ten.  The Luau consisted of lots of events and decorations for everyone to enjoy.  

When you walked into the Piazza, there wasn’t much around, however, it was one of the quietest areas to just hang out and socialize.  I, for one, enjoyed the area outside the gym as much as I enjoyed the inside because of how peaceful it was and, as I stated before, it was definitely one of the best places to talk where people could hear each other.  

As you moved from the Piazza to the West Gym, there was a lot of change in the feel of the place.  It was a lot darker, there was loud music that resembled a concert, and there was a lot more going on.  Just a few of the things that I saw going on were video games, music, dancing, sports and a photo booth.  

The first thing I saw when I walked in was the singing and dancing going on by the stage in the middle of the room.  The whole room was just so lively, and there wasn’t a quiet moment. I personally thought it was great to hear songs like Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off for a change because it doesn’t get much time on the radio anymore.  It was so much fun to both participate and see people getting so into the music and the fun.

The second thing I noticed that was really cool, were the video games that were being played around the room.  From what I saw, the video games gave anyone who didn’t want to dance at the moment something else to do with friends.  Even if you didn’t like dancing and singing, there was definitely something for you to do at the dance.

The third thing that really stuck out to me was the basketball hoops in the back of the gym.  Of course, the basketball hoops weren’t the real ones, but they were miniature pop up ones so that those who wanted to shoot some hoops were able to.  This was both thoughtful and nice because even if you weren’t really in the mood to jump around, there was still a way for those who wanted to play sports to enjoy themselves.

The last thing that popped out to me was the photo booth.  I thought that having a photo booth was actually a really great idea and the pictures that were printed out were definitely really cute.  On the card, it said “Freshman Luau” and it also had the date. On the rest of the card, the three photos you took were displayed.  

Overall, the Luau was a lot of fun and, for next year’s freshmen, if you have the chance, I would highly recommend attending the event.