“Cats” Creates Confusion


Despite its all-star cast, Cats has been given poor reviews.

Lily Scott and Molly Van

Based off of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s 1981 smash hit, “Cats” was a sight to behold. Tom Hooper recently directed the movie, adding an interesting perspective on the classic musical.

The musical was originally based off of T.S Eliot’s collection of poems, “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats,” where Eliot writes about feline psychology and sociology.

The movie opens with Victoria, played by Francesca Hayward, abandoned in an ally in London. She is found by group of alley cats known as Jellicle Cats who through song a dance, describe themselves (“Jellicle Cats”). To someone who doesn’t know the story ahead of time, the sudden introduction can be found horrifying, yet intriguing by many.

The audience learns of a special night known as the Jellicle Ball. Cats from all over perform for the cat, Old Dueteronomy played by Judi Dench. At the Jellicle Ball, Old Dueteronomy chooses one cat to be resurrected so they can live a new life they way they want.

The cats compete, each of them with a unique story to why they want a chance at a new life. The Old Gumbie Cat (Rebel Wilson) wants to be skinnier, Bustopher Jones (James Corden) wants to be reborn so he can become skinny so he can become fat again, the Rum Tum Tugger (Jason Derulo), and a few more.

One cat, Macavity (Idris Elba), in a desperate attempt to win, uses magic to transport the other cats to a boat in order for him to get a new life. After Old Deuteronomy’s refusal to choose him, he sends her to a boat. A certain black and white cat, Mr. Mistoffelees, played by Laurie Davidson, gets her back using his magic.

Grizabella (Jennifer Hudson), the cat rejected by the Jellicle cats, is brought into the Jellicle Ball by Victoria, where Weber’s famous song “Memory” is sung. Grizabella is then chosen and is then transported via hot air balloon to the unknown location where she will be resurrected.

The movie, while staying true to the original plot of the musical, had some unusual features that might have prevented one from seeing it. The plot is the same but with no real background. For a person to see it without any context, the movie would completely confuse them.

While the costumes for the music were rather odd, the mix of CGI and the actors together was a combination that many were not fully prepared for. The actors had CGI fur but their hands and feet were not turned into paws. This resulted in a human/cat hybrid that wasn’t very pleasing to many. The date that the movie was supposed to be released, some of the CGI wasn’t finished resulting in that lack of CGI for some features.

However, despite how different the movie’s interpretation was, there were some aspects that should be highlighted. The ballet and choreography was excellently executed. With a large ensemble cast, all members were used and the outcome paid off.

The music was also excellent. Despite the low quality movie, the soundtrack stood out and is enjoyable to listen to.

Overall, for the visual aspect the ratings would understandably be on the lower end, but for choreography and music, they should be higher. For such an interesting and odd musical, the movie, despite some technical elements, wasn’t bad.

Is it worth the money? Viewers should wait to see it if it ends up on any streaming services.