Call of Duty: Modern War Releases New Update

Gamers can look forward to new challenges and rewards in the popular Call of Duty game. New updates came out April 29.

Photo via under the creative commons license

Gamers can look forward to new challenges and rewards in the popular Call of Duty game. New updates came out April 29.

Alex Lymperis, Writer

Staying at home is still very boring, but Infinity Ward is helping us keep busy by releasing a ton of new content recently. Whether it be grinding a brand new camo for your gear, hopping into a new warzone, or using one of the new guns to become victorious, there is plenty to keep us gamers occupied.

The new update releases on April 29th, 2020, containing two downloads, which will need about 30 GBs of space.

The biggest thing most Call of Duty players will look at is the inclusion of a new completionist camo, Obsidian. This is an all black camo for any of your weapons, and it is weapon specific, meaning you have to complete a set of challenges for said weapon of your choosing.

“I love this,” says player Sam Harmon, “it gives me a whole other challenge to complete.”

This gives hardcore Call of Duty players something else to work for in the game.

The next big update more casual players will look into is the changes to the new super popular battle royale, Warzone. As you will first notice before even dropping in is the new revamped menu screen. But the real updates come when you are in the warzone. They added a new item, called an armor satchel, which allows players to carry three more armor pieces.

“This is a great piece of gear to have,” says Warzone player Brendan Chamberlain. “This will greatly help in endgame situations.”

Another change that got implemented is the new bounty called “Most Wanted.” If you pick this up, you are revealed to the whole map where people can come and try to defeat you. If you survive though, it brings back all your dead squadmates, high risk high reward!

A new weapon that you can bring into the warzone to help defend yourself from attackers is a new Light Machine Gun called the KM9 Bruen. This is a high stability weapon, so it can be effective at longer ranges than other LMGs. And if you are worried about leveling the gun up, Infinity Ward also made this week double XP for both your personal level and weapon level.

“As a user of LMGs, I couldn’t have asked for a better update,” says Nicky Marchese. “I can’t wait to get the obsidian camo on it.”

This new update helps players to keep occupied in these terrible times. It gives us even more to do then what we already have in this huge game!