Dune is the World’s Next Best Sci-Fi Hit

The newest adaption of Dune has captured sci-fi fans imagination.

Warner Brothers

The newest adaption of Dune has captured sci-fi fan’s imagination.

Audrey Smith, Writer

With a year of virtually no new movies in theaters, it seems theaters are back in full swing this fall. And avid moviegoers’ most anticipated film this fall is Denis Villeneueve’s adaptation of Dune. Needless to say, the movie delivered.

Dune is a 1965 sci-fi book series written by Frank Herbert and had previously been unsuccessfully adapted for the screen. The first by Alejandro Jodorowsky failed when the budget became too big. The second by David Lynch was self-disowned by the director himself, despite gaining a cult following.

This time around it seems Villeneuve’s adaptation will stick, considering the second movie was just greenlit by Warner Brothers, and the sheer awesomeness of the movie.

Before the film came out, audiences everywhere buzzed over its star-studded cast. Timothée Chalamet stars as the main character Paul Atreides, the son of the Duke of House Atreides (played by Oscar Isaac). His Bene Gesserit mother, (a magical sisterhood) Jessica, is played by Rebecca Ferguson. Zendaya appears as Chani, an indigenous person called Freman who inhabits the planet Arrakis.

Other actors on the cast list include Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, Dave Bautista, and Sharon Duncan-Brewster.

The plot follows the heir Paul as his family makes the move from the planet Caladan to Arrakis to take over spice production (a valuable substance that is used for interstellar travel) from House Harkonnen. The order to move comes from the unseen Padishah Emperor.

Arrakis, before the Houses took over, was mainly ruled by Freman, an indigenous group who use the spice as a hallucinogen. The Freman harbor resentment for the Houses ruining their planets. However, the Atreides plan to change how the Freman have been treated. Without spoiling what comes next is total chaos.

Dune is the perfect movie for sci-fi lovers. However if you are not used to the dense and sometimes confusing worldbuilding, this movie might not be for you. The New Yorker comments on the exposition arguing, “Villeneuve…appears embarrassed by the lengthy exposition that the story requires…[so] he dispatches the necessary information hastily and dutifully.”

Even if you still do not understand worldbuilding, you will definitely enjoy the visuals. The long, far away shots of spacecraft and the surrounding landscape will leave viewers speechless. Grieg Fraser, the cinematographer for the film, and Paul Lambert, the visual supervisor, both deserve bonuses and Oscars for their work.

Sound is another highlight of the movie. With a score by legendary composer Hans Zimmer, it’s hard to go wrong. Zimmer told Variety Magazine he wrote the score, “Imagining the sounds of…Arrakis, the sandworms and the invaluable spice.” Although, if you have sensitive ears, I would bring some sort of ear plugs because the sound does get very loud.

Chalamet’s acting was also superb. Considering this is his first leading role as a sci-fi character, he pulled it off really well. You could feel his chemistry with fellow cast members, especially Zendaya, Isaac, and Ferguson. At 25 years old, the young actor is already making his mark on the film industry, and only making it bigger with Dune.

Finally, director Denis Villenueve’s creative spin allowed the whole film to shine. Even though he left out some important details from the books, his attention to visual spectacles builds a deeper connection with audiences. Because he left out more details from the books, it allows for non-sci-fi viewers to truly enjoy the movie and relate to it.

Regardless of his exclusion of a few plot lines, Dune’s story is gripping as viewers will be pulled in by extensive battle scenes and political intrigue. Some moments begin calmly and then slowly build up to a jaw-opening point giving the theater a suspenseful atmosphere.

Overall, Dune is the perfect movie to get back in the theaters with. The stunning visuals, sound, and acting allow for the film to become an immersive experience. And viewers leaving the theaters will look forward to Dune Part Two, coming out in 2023.

You can watch Dune theaters everywhere and on HBO Max until the end of November.