Get to Know a Rambler: Kevin Lindstrom

Yago Echevarria, Writer

Resilient, thoughtful, curious: three words that senior Kevin Lindstrom uses to describe himself.

Kevin is heavily involved in the Loyola Academy community in various ways. His three favorite activities are Chess Club, Space Club, and his involvement in Campus Ministry. Some may not know that Kevin in fact started Space Club his senior year at Loyola and is the current Space Club president.

“In space club we discuss current happenings involving space and NASA,” says Lindstrom, “as well as debates about controversial beliefs like the moon landing, flat earth theory, and aliens.”

As well as his work starting and leading Space Club, his work and contributions to Campus Ministry are extensive. “I didn’t really start getting involved in campus ministry until senior year,” says Kevin “but once I did I realized why everyone who was involved loved it so much. It’s really just an unbeatable culture of inclusion for everyone.”

Kevin recalled many memories at LA, but when asked what his favorite was he immediately said his Kairos retreats. Kevin went on his first Kairos (K274) in December of 2021, and then came back to lead a group of men on Kairos in March (K278).

Leading Kairos and being the founder and leader of the Space Club is probably why senior Dylan Sargent calls him a natural leader.

Kevin will soon be departing the Loyola community for Marquette University in Milwaukee.

“Eating lunch in the west gym with all my friends is definitely what I’ll miss most,” says Lindstrom. “It’s definitely those little moments with the people I care for and that care for me that will be the ones I’ll cherish the most.”

“Don’t overwhelm yourself with extracurriculars and classes, try not to care too much about what other people think of you and make friends with your teachers,” says Lindstrom, when asked what advice he’d give to incoming freshmen. He adds, “It took me four years to figure that out, so don’t expect for high school to be perfect at first.”