London Bridge Has Fallen Down

Brian Flanagan, Writer

The Queen’s recent passing has sent massive ripples throughout the world and the United Kingdom which she ruled over. The Queen was a figurehead for the British people; most have never known another monarch in their lifetimes. Elizabeth’s death has also brought up a lot of questions about the role a monarchy plays in a modern government.

Queen Elizabeth II died September 8, 2022, in Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She was surrounded by her children and grandchildren, and she reportedly passed away peacefully at 96 years old. 

Many were very upset at the death of their queen, for many she was like a part of the family.

But many others were not so upset, particularly the younger generations, gen z and millennials, showed little interest or concern regarding the queen’s death in comparison to the older generations, gen x and baby boomers. Glancing at social media shows that this is true. Many tiktoks, tweets, and other posts reveal that many younger people dislike the queen and the monarchy as a whole.

While the younger generation questions the need for a monarchy in modern day, many older generations are generally a lot more affected by the queen’s death. Some say she was like a grandmother, always there watching over everyone and maintaining order. For others what they liked was her staying power; she stood firm as culture changed in Britain and throughout the world as a whole.

This garners the question as to why this generational gap exists, and the answer is complicated. Put simply it is that throughout the years as Elizabeth’s monarchy progressed she connected less and less with her subjects. She began to leave the palace less and her views became progressively more outdated as time marched on. For many of the younger generations they never felt a connection to the queen like the older generations had.

In addition to the disconnect people felt there is also the issue of controversy in the monarchy. Following Princess Diana’s car accident there was a lack of proper mourning that the death of a member of the royal family should receive. The flags didn’t fly at half mast to honor her until mass public outcry against the queen. But should these negatives really become the entire story of a woman who ruled for over 70 years?

Queen Elizabeth ruled with grace and dignity in the eyes of many, a symbol of what it means to be British. Her witty personality and clear adoration of her kingdom made her likable to many. Some even say that she was like a member of their own household. The loss of her was truly heartbreaking for many, and that should be respected.

Regardless of your own opinion of Queen Elizabeth, her influence cannot be denied. She was one of the most influential people in the world in part due to the fact that she had the longest reign in British history. The queen was a figurehead of the monarchy and what it stood for, and many have varying opinions on whether or not the monarchy should exist today.

But whether or not you cared for the Queen, Elizabeth Windsor was still a remarkable woman who should be remembered for the mark she left on her kingdom and our world.