Cloak & Dagger

From wiki commons. The Cloak & Dagger advertisement

From wiki commons. The Cloak & Dagger advertisement

Emilio Leone, Author

Freefrom’s hit tv show Cloak & Dagger has its season 2 debut on Thurs, April 4.

The show is inspired by Marvel comics that follow a similar story line. It’s about two teenagers Tandy Bowen, played by Olivia Holt, and Tyrone Johnson, played by Aubrey Joseph. They live every different lives but are brought together by their mysterious powers. The only thing they have in common is that they both lost a loved one on the same day.

Through all of season one, the dramatically different duo led very different lives: one being a thief and the other going to a prestigious high school. As hard as they try to get away from each other, the universe keeps pushing them back together. Together they learn how to use and control their powers, which are not always used for the best things. When someone threatens to destroy their city of New Orleans, they finally come together and try to save the people that they love and care about.

Cloak & Dagger is a truly unique Marvel tv show. While it does share the token rising to the challenge type of feel to it that most Marvel related things have, what sets it apart is the contrast of the two main characters. It was very interesting seeing how the vastly different characters argued and even interacted with one another in the first place. The actors themselves are very good at their jobs, as expected. Unlike some Marvel flops, there was no bad acting and there was a very engaging storyline. The CGI or special effects that are used in visualizing their powers are top notch. Although it is fairly low CGI it is indeed very good and well fitting with the show.

The storyline itself can get rather boring, repetitive, and confusing at times. The boring aspect of it comes into play when the show focuses more on the characters’ love lives or uninteresting side stories more than the overarching plot. It gets rather repetitive when the main characters keep fighting then making up more times than one could count or other interactions between characters. Most importantly: confusing. It’s not a show that you could just skip around or even pay half attention to. With interweaving plots side stories and backstory if you miss something, you will definitely want to go back.

After binge watching all of Cloak & Dagger I can confidently say that it’s worth the watch with a few “if”s.” Obviously if you don’t like superhero shows you most likely won’t like this one. Also if you don’t want a show you have to give 110% of your attention to, look someplace else. Lastly If you don’t want the classic “rising to the occasion” story, you’re out of luck. Big picture – it’s a good show and with season two coming on April 4, it’s showing a lot of promise in the future.