GOT: Who Will Take the Iron Throne?

Danny torches King's Landing in the fifth episode.

Photo via Creative Commons License

Danny torches King's Landing in the fifth episode.

Jack Garrigus, Writer

HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones is finally coming to an end. The series is based on the set of books A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. It has lasted eight seasons, and its final episode will air at 8pm on Sunday, May 19. Game of Thrones has picked up many awards, along with millions of devout fans along its storied journey. Ahead of the final conclusion to this epic saga, a review of season eight seems necessary.

The first episode opens where the first episode of the series started: Winterfell. Daenerys, along with her army of Unsullied, Dothraki, and two hungry dragons march North to help Jon Snow defeat the army of the undead.

The North, especially Sansa Stark, is wary of the Mother of Dragons. They do not trust this unproven Targaryen girl, and her aptitude to be a leader is questioned. The episode unites all the main characters in preparation for the Great War against an unbeaten foe.

The second episode is focused on the calm before the storm. Jaime Lannister returns to Winterfell, and is admitted into the fighting ranks despite conflict with Daenerys. Jon Snow decides on a battle strategy that protects the women and children in the Stark crypts, while using Bran as bait for the Night King. The tension is palpable as all await the arrival of the King and his army of White Walkers.

The third episode is simply the largest battle in cinematic history dubbed the “Battle of Winterfell.” It took over 55 nights to film the siege in its entirety. The seemingly endless army of the undead engages in a massive fight with the Dothraki and Unsullied, before overrunning the gates. Violence is seemingly everywhere as everyone fights for survival.

Jon and Daenerys fly on the dragons in pursuit of the Night King. They eventually pin him on the ground and light him up with dragon fire, but to no avail. As the battle continues, the North seems in dire straits. Arya is fighting off a horde of white walkers, Jon is alone fighting the slain dragon Viserion, and Daenerys only has one protector in Ser Jorah left.

The Night King breaks through the ring of Iron-Born that protected Bran as he stalks in for the kill. At the last moment, Arya comes out of nowhere and stabs the Night King in Jordan-esque style, ending the battle.

The fourth episode starts with a funeral for all those lost in the Long Night. The armies celebrate with a friendly feast afterwards. However, Daenerys is hungry for her throne, and the North marches with her to King’s Landing to take on Cersei and Euron Greyjoy.

On their way there over the Narrow Sea, Euron kills one of the dragons, destroys the Unsullied’s fleet, and captures Missandei. The Mother of Dragons wants to storm the city in anger, but Cersei keeps all the civilians in front of the Red Keep, meaning a ground attack would result in many innocent casualties. Tyrion attempts to bargain with his sister, but she responds by having The Mountain execute Missandei. Khaleesi is furious and ready for war.

Episode five has Daenerys’s armies make quick work of the Golden Company that protects King’s Landing, as she flies Drogon and destroys the Iron Fleet. King’s Landing loses very quickly, and rings the bells, signaling a surrender. However, the Mother of Dragons finally follows in her father’s footsteps as the Mad King and loses herself to fury. She burns the entire city, killing millions of civilians along with her own armies. The North men pillage the city and kill the innocents, to the horror of Jon, Arya, and Tyrion. The episode ends with Arya waking up in the ash filled mass graveyard of a city, barely alive.

The final episode hold all the answers, and its viewers cannot wait. Who will finally take the Iron Throne and rule Westeros?