The Promblem with Prom

Ashley Sarpong, Writer

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Not all were ecstatic this past weekend at Loyola Academy’s annual prom, not as a result of the wonderful food selection or beautiful decor, but because of the insipid song selection. Goers left with the feeling of having been led on when almost none of the songs expected to play were heard.

Prior to the dance, the class of 2019 was emailed a form to make unlimited song requests at the celebration designed for them. Music of all genres were sent in, including ones with curse words; the expectation on the student side was for the DJ to play the clean versions, but this is not what occurred.

During dinner, students were bombarded with obnoxious electronic dance music. Although perplexed, many assumed that the songs were simply for the background and that once goers were ready to dance, the music would change to something more danceable, but that was not the case.

“I was a little surprised on how outdated the music was,” an adult chaperone stated, referencing the plethora of early 2010s pop radio hits played.

Many students made the most of out of it, not letting the underwhelming bests take away from the night, but others could not get into it. A handful even took the initiative of exchanging words with the DJ himself, but their qualms were ultimately ignored.

 “It was terrible,” senior Amanda Boateng said. “They did not accept any of our song suggestions.”

Disheartened and annoyed by the obnoxious playlist, many seniors spent more time sitting down at their table rather than on the dance floor on their special night.

“It wasn’t worth the money,” another student spoke, in a brutally honest review of the dance.

Loyola Academy has the tendency to over-censor, to the point where the restriction makes its students feel as if they are middle schoolers. There are many current songs that use little to no suggestive language, therefore, from a basic student perspective, it appears as if not much thought was put into the music selection. More focus needs to be put into it due to the immense influence music has on an entire environment; moods can either be improved or worsened.

Stepping out onto the dance floor was simply too difficult to do genuinely with “Take Me Home, Country Roads” blasting through the speakers. And embarrassing.