Why Every High School student should watch “The Office”

George Kasten, Writer

As the year starts to wind down and, for seniors, high school comes to an end, everyone sits at home procrastinating to do homework and study for tests. Well, while you’re procrastinating or just bored out of your mind, their is a show on Netflix waiting to be watched by you, the average high schooler, and that is The Office.

You should watch The Office because it is a nice relaxation from your boring work to watch characters in a show do boring work. The quirky characters and dry humor makes for a show you can get lost in and continue to watch for hours until your realize that it’s 10:30 at night and you haven’t started studying for your science test tomorrow, but who cares it might be a partner test anyway.

Besides the fact that the show is funny and the episodes are only 20 minutes, it also acts as white noise while you’re procrastinating. What I mean by this is that you can have the show playing at the bottom of your screen while you procrastinate by scrolling through Twitter or Instagram, or if you dare, do some homework and chuckle as you look to the bottom of your iPad and see Michael making fun of Dwight.

Another reason every high school student should watch The Office is because there are nine seasons! Enough time to spend procrastinating to do your projects, tests, and homework. Besides talking about a test that your fellow classmates have the next day you could talk about the Office episode that you watched last night.

Although homework is a good thing and can raise your grade, it is always nice to take a break with a good TV show on Netflix and procrastinate away.