Top 10 Foods

Toby Harris, Writer

Pizza – The reason why pizza is number one on the top 10 list is because of how versatile it is. You’re able to put any topping you want on a pizza. It’s so nice being able to pick and choose what kind of sauce, cheese, and meat or vegetable to be on your pie. One thing that shouldn’t be allowed to have is pineapple, that’s a big no-no!

Sushi – If you like seafood like I do, sushi is absolutely amazing. I love how you can try something new every time you get it and there will always be a new roll to try out!

Pasta – Pasta is a classic. Who doesn’t like a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs!

Burgers – Burgers sometimes get a little wild with the toppings. Mac and cheese is a surprisingly good supplement for cheese because of the added texture and creaminess!

Steak – Cutting into a perfectly cooked steak is always the best!

Tacos – Tacos are a fun way to eat Mexican food. It is an all in one meal that you can eat on the go!

Smoked BBQ meats – Southern BBQ food is the best. Trying different cuts of meat and different sauces make the whole experience a whole lot better

Fried Chicken – Who doesn’t like fried chicken? Fried chicken’s crispy outside layer makes it amazing to pair with BBQ or even sweet chill sauce.

Mac and Cheese – The cheese… with butter…

Pancakes – The best breakfast to make in the morning. Even better with mixed fruit on top to be a little healthier!