A New Era in Which Homework Excuses Have Become an Art

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A New Era in Which Homework Excuses Have Become an Art

Andrew Shearson, Writer

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It’s your last class of the day. You plop down on your desk as more students start to file into the class. It’s Friday, the weekend is just one hour away. The other students finally get settled in their seats. The teacher walks in last and approaches his desk. He faces the class, smiles, and asks, “Can everyone take out their homework?” You immediately go quiet and your face turns into a bright red color. You had no idea that there was any homework due. Uh oh. Quickly, you must think of something to tell your teacher so that he doesn’t think less of you.

Below are the top 10 excuses for students that forgot about their homework.

  1. The truth. Students almost never use this tactic; however, it is a lot more effective than what some might think. If your teacher happens to be in a generous mood, they may give you an extra day to complete the task.


  1. The “I never got it” excuse. This tactic only works if your teacher is clueless. Sometimes if you have a older teacher who is forgetful, the playing dumb technique works beautifully.


  1. The “ I wasn’t here when you you handed it out” excuse. This has been in my arsenal for years. Although, if a teacher goes back and checks the attendance, you’re in a big kerfuffle.


  1. The “I’ve been sick the last couple of days” excuse. This will definitely work if you actually are sick. If not, expect a parent teacher meeting in the coming days.


  1. The “I was insanely busy late night” excuse. This one is always a shot in the dark. Unless you have some list of things you were busy doing last night, in your back pocket, don’t pull this excuse out.


  1. The “I had a sporting event” excuse. Some of the time, your teacher might actually be interested in what sport you partake in. Most teachers couldn’t care less and will give you a zero.


  1. The “I didn’t understand it” excuse. If you use this, you are asking for a sit down with your teacher where they go over the material with you. Most teachers won’t do this unless there is any of the work completed.


Time for the top 3. These ones are all insanely overused and lack creativity.


  1. The “dog ate my homework” excuse. You only use this if you are a class clown looking for attention. I strongly recommend staying away from using this excuse.


  1. The “I left it at home” excuse. In high school, I see this one used almost every day. The efficiency rate is higher than any other. Speaking from previous experience, you better bring your work to class next time you see them. If not, expect a big fat zero in the gradebook.


  1. Drum roll please… The “my printer broke” excuse. Since more teachers are requiring homework to be turned in electronically, this excuse is somewhat believable. A teacher using common sense would give you a zero on the spot. I’ve never successfully executed this excuse but this one is growing exponentially in popularity.


Students! Pick one of these next time you forget your homework. Choose wisely!