Top Ten Reasons the Classics are Still Relevant

Sophia Dempsey, Writer

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Also known as: Ancient Greek has consumed me and this is an attempt to defend my life decisions.

10.) They’re referenced everywhere. Literally everywhere. There’s no escaping allusions of Icarus or Apollo. You can try to run, but you won’t succeed.

9.) You can connect the characters to people in real life! Like that boy who won’t stop Snapchatting you and asking you to hang out! He’s like Zeus, or Apollo, or Poseidon, or Hades…or Ares…you get the idea.

8.) Someone’s going to make you read Catullus in either high school or college.

7.) Same with Homer.

6.) And Sappho, if you’re in the right class.

5.) It’s easier to put curses on people in Latin. Sounds cooler, too.

4.) Democracy or something.

3.) The stories behind the constellations are Greek myths. Most girls like the stars; you can woo pretty girls with knowledge of the constellations. Who doesn’t want to woo pretty girls?

2.) Freaking people out by angrily reciting the first lines of the Iliad can be pretty fun.

1.) Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. That is all.