Let the World See Ms. Bea


Maddie Fitzgerald

Ms. Bea greets people from the front lobby’s security desk. Ms. Bea reminisced about her own high school experiences.

Maddie Fitzgerald, Writer

We all know our principal, vice principal, deans, teachers, and our counselors pretty well, but how well do we really know the people who are in charge of keeping Loyola Academy a safe environment to learn and grow?  Ms. Beatrice Shoular is one of the many dedicated security guards here at Loyola, who helps ensure just that.

When I was given the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Bea, she took a look back to when she was a high school student herself.  Ms. Bea attended Lucy Flowers Vocational High School, which was an all girls school right here in our lovely windy city. During her high school career, not only did she keep up with her school work, but she was also a member of her school’s track team. 

When she got into talking about her favorite memories from her high school experience, she told me a story of when she was in biology class, dissecting a frog. She had said that she just couldn’t stop laughing at how slippery the frog was, although it was already dead! 

From Lucy Flowers she went on to attend Memphis State University in Tennessee. Something that Ms. Bea said she enjoyed during college was being a part of the cheerleading squad at Memphis State.

After returning to Illinois, Ms. Bea became a security guard at Loyola and has been one for the last 17 years!  When she was asked her what her favorite memory from Loyola Academy was after all of these years, she said it had to be when a girl from the African American Youth Group, which she leads came in a limo to pick her up for a lunch outing one day.

Ms. Bea shared a couple of things about her personal life including how she really enjoys reading autobiographies about all types of people, that her favorite dessert in the school cafeteria is the chocolate chip cookie, and during her free time she enjoys spending time with her parents, playing tennis and dining out with friends.

She also added that her favorite Chicago sports team is the Cubs (you can vote for your favorite Chicago team on the poll on our homepage).  Ms. Bea is generally stationed at the front desk, so if you ever have an extra few minutes before you have to run to class, make sure to drop by and say hi!