Tune in to Pep Band


Maggie Brennan

The pep band gets ready to amp up the crowd for last year's Jesuit Cup. The band is accepting new members.

Maggie Brennan, Writer

If you have ever been to a basketball game at Loyola, you have probably heard the pep band playing from up in the balcony. To pump up the crowd, the ensemble plays their renditions of popular songs.

The pep band was started in 2012 by Bobby Murphy ’13 and originally went by the name brass corps. It started as a group of brass instruments that played at school events, such as basketball games.

Since then, the group has expanded to include woodwind, percussion, and even an electric bass guitar. Today, the group plays a variety of popular tunes, such as “Seven Nation Army” and “Everytime We Touch.” They make an appearance at every varsity boys basketball game and some varsity girls basketball games. They even got the opportunity to play at Northwestern University’s Welsh-Ryan Arena at the 2019 Jesuit Cup.

The band is an enthusiastic group of people who love to play music with their fellow members. “My favorite part of pep band is starting off Fridays with the best people and the best music,” says junior Mia Rode.

“Literally every aspect of pep band is amazing,” says senior Abby Presutti.

If you have any interest in joining the Loyola Academy Pep Band, please contact captains Maggie Mcnabb and Mia Rode or the club moderator Mr. Mcquinn. They practice every Friday at 7:10 am in the band room.