Meet a Rambler – Courtney Trueman

Jack Garrigus, Editorial Staff

Jack Garrigus: What is one thing that makes you unique?

Courtney Trueman: I am 5’11, which is very tall for a girl. The average height for a girl is 5’4, I think

JG: If you had a day to do one thing, what would you do?

CT: I would fly to Bora Bora and chill on a beach for the day.

JG: What is your biggest dream for the future?

CT: I guess I have to say my biggest dream is to graduate college and get a job.

JG: If you could have any career, money concerns aside, what would you do?

CT: I would be a social worker for high school.

JG: What is your favorite memory so far here at Loyola?

CT: I would probably have to say sophomore homecoming. 

JG: If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

CT: I would be a lab because they are so energetic and cute!

JG: What is your favorite professional sports team?

CT: The Chicago Blackhawks

JG: Why do you enjoy dancing?

CT: I think dance is super unique, and it is a great platform to express emotions.

JG: If you could change one thing at LA, what would it be and why?

CT: I would eliminate khakis all together, and allow all sweatshirts to be worn for comfort. 

JG: Is there anything you want your fellow ramblers to know about you?

CT: During my sophomore year, my iPad would randomly talk during class. It called 911 and my Mom all by itself.