Club of the Week: Ping Pong Club

Lily Scott and Maggie Brennan

What do Jan-Ove Waldner and Sharon Alguletti have in common? They are both famous table tennis players. Here at Loyola, the members of the ping pong club are destined for greatness just like Waldner and Alguletti. Moderated by Mr. Rank, President Ethan Tong and Vice President Ehlman is a fun sport, yes, a sport, and a way to get in shape (see link down below). Here’s a few things the club members had to say about this entertaining activity.

Two freshman Evan Halkitis and Evan Gratama joined this club because “It was fun and it was something to do after school.”

An anonymous student wanted to know how many ping pong balls they want to hit in one meeting. They replied with, “Literally no clue.” They mentioned that their favorite part of the club was, “winning.”  Another student, sophomore Joel Vega guessed around 300.

Current junior Aleksandar Kozic, when responding to why he joined the club explained, “My brother… He made me come. I didn’t want to come.” However, after joining the club, he continues to back every week. He estimated “500…no 300” balls per meeting. 

Finally, when asked about why he chose to moderate the ping pong club, Mr. Rank responded with, “My goal in life was to be a professional table tennis player and Loyola Academy has answered all my dreams!” 

If your interested in a club to meet new people and get some exercise, contact club moderator Mr. Rank for more questions.