Powderpuff: The Tradition Continues

Gianna Lapasso, Co Editor-in-Chief

Last Sunday, Sept. 28, the annual girl’s powderpuff football game took place on Hoerster Field. The seniors came out on top with a final score of 70-63.

Senior Betsy Leineweber kicked off the game, scoring the first touchdown.    

The three hundred twenty junior and senior participants were split up into twenty teams of eight. Each team played four downs, then rotated out. 

Ms. Krein, director of student activities, explained the number of girls signed up to play has been consistently increasing. She explained that three hundred twenty was a huge jump from just two years ago, when the game was played at night at The Hill.

Powderpuff is a beloved activity that kicks off homecoming, with a popular staple being the game’s t-shirts. 

Maeve Riley, senior, describes it as “a great way to come together with the girls in your grade and work as a team.” She adds that she’ll definitely miss it.