Band Set to Thrill Audience at Upbeat Fall Concert


Steve Donisch

The band adds extra energy to football games. This week, they'll showcase their skills at their Fall Concert.

Conner Goetz, Writer

Loyola Academy is holding its annual Fall concert performed by the band in the East Gym on October 23. 

The concert will feature the band’s fall playlist which consists mostly of faster-paced pop songs. Mr. McQuinn the band director, said, “I think people are always surprised at the kind of music we play.”

The concert will feature well known pop songs like “Happy” by Pharrell and “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5.

Senior Tommy Goodwin said “My favorite song in the fall concert is probably ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ because I really like the rhythm and the tempo change.”

Mr. McQuinn also said that the tempo and style of music played during the fall is very different to the music that will be played during the winter concerts. Therefore if you want your chance to hear the upbeat types of songs that will not be played for the whole year, this concert is your chance at that experience.

Mr. McQuinn commented that people know the drum line from the football games and playing at the pep rallies, but after the fall season comes to an end, the drum line dissipates back into percussion. This fall concert will be one of the last chances of the year that students will have the chance to see what the drum line can do.

He continued with how people don’t understand that band is a class with homework and that there is more work that goes on behind the scenes than most people realize from just hearing them at the football games. 

The students that were interviewed talked about how they make an enormous effort to put together a one of a kind experience for the student body of Loyola Academy every time they put on a concert. 

Another reason to come to the concert is that when supposed is brought to the band, it educates the student body about the band and can help it gain members.

Junior Ethan Servatious said, “People should come because the band is often under appreciated, and loses members because of the lack of awareness about what we do.”

The students commented that if more people were to go the concerts, there would be more of an understanding of the things that the band performs and would peak the interest of people who are unaware of them.

That would lead to more diversity in the band and would enable them to take on more fun and complicated projects to perform for the school. 

Students at Loyola Academy are always showing their pride when they come show their support at the football games and it brings the school together. When it comes to supporting the band it is clear that it is just as much appreciated as in other programs. 

Mr. McQuinn also commented that “I think it’s definitely worthwhile to come by and see as a focus collective group, what the kids are capable of and what they can do.” 

Coming to see the concert would be a great way for students to see another reason why our student body and atmosphere is unlike other schools.