Loyola Academy Open House


Steve Donisch

Eager future students sign in to the Loyola Academy Open House. These students were matched with tour guides who showed them around the campus.

Maddie Fitzgerald, Writer

On Thursday, November 7, all the students here at Loyola Academy had a great opportunity to show fifth through eighth-graders around the school. The tour guides were expected to be on campus from around 4 pm to 8 pm. Throughout this time, they were given a complimentary dinner and were to complete one or two tours by the end of the night.

During the tours, a lot was going on from the rehearsal of the musical “Chicago” to the crazy experiments going on in the Physics Lab. The entire night was very interactive, and it’s a really different experience when you’re touring versus when you’re a tour guide.

Going in, there are a lot of things that you think you should know. What I didn’t realize was how many questions I could answer just based on being a student here at Loyola.

During my tour, I was asked a lot of good questions. One specific question that stuck out to me was at the end of the tour. The girl asked, “What made you choose Loyola?” I remember I had to stop for a moment and figure out how I wanted to word my answer. There were a lot of amazing aspects about Loyola that helped my parents, and I make the decision, but to sum it up in a couple of words?

So like anyone else, I had to stop and think for a moment. In the end, I finally decided that the real reason why I wanted to go to Loyola so badly wasn’t necessarily for the school itself but the community. Sure, the school is fantastic academically; I would never doubt that for a second. However, what makes Loyola truly one of a kind is the community that everyone who has been here over the generations has built.

Being a tour guide is truly a great experience, and being asked all these questions about your school is a lot of fun too. The tour guide experience was an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I’m so appreciative to the siblings and parent I took around the school for allowing me to share with them the amazing environment that is Loyola.