Loyola Literary Review Leaps into the Loyola Conciousness


Stuart Rodgers

Emilia Rosinski does more than theater. She is also the president of the Literary Review club.

Caleigh Keating, Writer

The Literary Review is a  great place for students to share original material with others. I sat down with the President of the Loyola Literary Review, Senior Emilia Rosinski, to get some more information about the club and how to get involved.

Emilia got the idea to start the literary review with a friend last year, and after talking with Ms. Krein, the Literary Review was born.  The literary review is a website where club members and other students can submit literary works that they want to share, under the categories of literature and art. 

This year she is the only one of the two co-founders left, and she is leading its charge for more. In the future she hopes to get a more specific theme for each issue of the Literary Review once there are more submissions and specialization within the entries. One hope she has for the club is to expand the literary review and make it more professional looking before she graduates.

The Literary Review takes the form of a google site that contains literary submissions under two main categories: literature and art, both of which are very general and broad. Some common submissions in the literary categories are poetry, essays, and plays, and some common submissions in the art category are paintings, photographs, and drawings. 

You can submit just about anything that pertains to literature and art, as there is no size limit. It’ll be easy to submit to the literary review too, as club members are working on getting the site a tile on the OnCampus resource board, where you can submit by emailing your submission to any club members whose contact information is on the website.

The Literary Review has gotten a wide variety of submissions over that past two years, but some that Rosinski says stand out from the rest are some one act plays written and submitted by a friend, creative and helpful college application essays, various photographs, and even a song recently. The Literary Review also gets lots of submissions by friends of club members, which are well enjoyed and help fuel the club’s growth. 

All of these submissions certainly keep Literary Review meetings interesting, where club members work to submit pieces by the deadline and discuss specific advertising, like targeting English teachers and classes to generate interest and excitement for the up and coming club. 

If you are interested in joining the Literary Review, you can contact Emilia Rosinski at [email protected].