Late Night at Loyola


The Year

Students battle it out at the inflatable jousting activity. Late Night at Loyola had a plethora of activities to enjoy on their Saturday night.

Maddie Fitzgerald, Writer

At Loyola Academy on Saturday, January 25th, 2020, Late Night at Loyola took place from 7 to 11 pm.  The event was full of entertainment and snacks including, but not limited to: the masked singer challenge, dodgeball, laser tag, swimming, inflatable jousting, and pizza. 

When you first arrived, you entered through the piazza, signing in with some of the students who were working the event.  The event, originally $15 at the door, was changed to FREE admission.

As soon as you made it inside, you could choose to go into either the West Gym or the East Gym.  In the West Gym, activities such as spike ball, ping pong, basketball, and inflatable jousting took place for the entirety of the night.  Meanwhile, in the East Gym, both dodgeball and the masked singer event happened throughout the night. 

Once you were in the hallway by the East Gym, you could either go upstairs for Anime and Murder Mystery or downstairs for Dungeons and Dragons and Laser tag.

Some of the highlights of the evening included murder mystery, the masked singer, and the movie in the pool all of which seemed to be a big hit.  

The murder mystery revolved around a woman who killed a man because of an affair.  The point of the game was to figure out which person was the murderer before you ran out of time.

The masked singer was a game where many attendees, including teachers, sang in front of everyone and then the crowd attempted to figure out who the singer was.  The winner won a gift card.

Finally, the movie in the pool took place for a good portion of the night.  When you walked onto the pool deck, you would see many different things happening.  On the screen you could see a movie playing, while in the pools you could see both swimming and horseplay.  

The idea for Late Night at Loyola came about when student council voted to decide what event Loyola would be hosting this year.  Throughout this process, the students decided that this year they didn’t want to host a dance hence the idea for Late Night at Loyola.

When school events roll around, I always find myself and many others asking ourselves a question: why are we required to stay at the school for such a long period of time?  When I asked Ms. Krein, she replied with an answer I’d never thought of. She told me that when we come into the school for a school event, the school wants to make sure we are safe within the time our parents expect us to be there.  The goal is to avoid someone or a group of kids leaving early and something bad happening to them.

Overall, I thought Late Night at Loyola was a huge success.  From the food to the activities, there wasn’t a truly dull moment throughout the night.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year.