How to Pick the College for You


Megan McCall, Editor

Picking the right college can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, especially with a deadline quickly approaching. Here are some tips to help narrow down your options and stay stress free, even with family and school pressuring you to quickly make a decision. 

The first step to picking the perfect college is creating a short list of your top choices. Applying to tons of colleges is okay, but can end up being overwhelming. Pick your top three or four schools that you could truly see yourself going to for the next four years. 

After making a short list, write down your top priorities. Usually, top priorities include: price, location, size, and whether it has the major you want to study. Then check if your top colleges have these things. Are they way out of your price range or thousands of miles away?

It’s also important to talk to your family and see what their priorities are. If your parents are helping pay for your tuition, they should have a say in the price of your school. 

Visiting the colleges on your list is also extremely important. During your final decision process, try and visit the school again for one last look. Knowing if you can’t see yourself fitting in could knock colleges off the list right away. While visiting, take pictures and write things down. It will help bring back all the memories when you are later trying to make a final decision. 

College is also not just about a whole new social life and living arrangement, it’s about working for a potential career. Make sure your potential colleges will be able to help you get internships and jobs. Most importantly though, your college should prepare you for a future job. 

Picking a college may be scary, but try your best to make a decision that is best for you. Although it may seem impossible, you can transfer until you find the place you can call your home. Good luck!