A Little Light in Dark Times



Human versions of hungry, hungry, hippos aren’t just for Loyola pep rallies. Nursing homes have been playing as well to keep spirits up during shelter in place orders.

Gianna Lapasso, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Amidst all the coronavirus talk, I figured people could use some good news. So, here are a few of the many feel-good stories to help get you through the week! 

  1. Senior citizens play life-size Hungry, Hungry Hippo. Bryn Celyn Care Home in Wales found a creative way to spend their lockdown. Modeled after the children’s board game, staff members set the game up using plastic balls, baskets, and broomsticks. The center’s manager said, “we are staying positive and doing what we do everyday, which is supporting our residents, and keeping it as normal as possible,” in a CNN interview. 
  2. Chicago Animal Care and Control has adopted out all of their dogs. In an April 5th Facebook post, the center says, “CACC has no dogs currently available for adoption. We’ve never typed these words before. The last two dogs were adopted today.” The center goes on to explain that this will change, but they are extremely grateful all of the dogs have found loving homes. 
  3. Teddy bear scavenger hunt rapidly grows throughout the world. According to The New York Times, Stevie-Lee Tiller began this movement throughout her hometown in New Zealand. Neighbors put teddy bears in their windows, then children try to count as many as possible. The teddy bear hunt has spread throughout several countries thanks to Stevie-Lee. 

Even in these dark times, it is important to stay positive!