The New Battle Royale

Ken Lam, Writer

Hyper Scape, a sci-fi battle royale in which you play as a virtual character with 99 other players descending onto the map of Neo-Arcadia, is a free-to-play first-person shooter battle royale game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It’s available on most platforms including Playstation, PC, and Xbox One. It was released on July 12, 2020.

The goal is to be the last player or group standing, depending on the mode you are playing. There are two modes in Hyper Scape: Crown Rush (solo and squad) and Faction War.

In Crown Rush, the objective is to be the last person standing or to capture the Crown that spawns at the end of the match for 30 seconds. There are multiple good strategies to win Crown Rush. One plan is being aggressive and pushing other players/teams to eliminate the competition. Another scheme is remaining passive throughout the game, waiting till the Crown appears, and capturing it for 30 seconds. When you are holding the Crown, your location will be revealed to all players. In order to protect the Crown, your teammates will have to protect the other player that is holding the Crown.

Hyper Scape’s other mode Faction War concept is similar to Fortnite’s Team Rumble with the same goal to be the last team standing, albeit with smaller sized teams. Players can expect this mode to be very chaotic because a lot of the time, the map is constantly “closing” or disappearing. As players see that part of the map vanish, they will have to get closer in, which they encourages engagement with other teams.

Hyper Scape’s mechanics are a mix of most of the popular battle royale games, such as the double jump in Titanfalls 2 and the sliding mechanics in Apex Legends. These help contribute to the fast-paced speed and verticality in the game. Speed is key in this game because you can easily dodge or evade any battle by utilizing these mechanics efficiently. The qualities that distinguish Hyper Scape from other battle royale games are the Hacking abilities and the Echos.

In most multiplayer games, you have various abilities to choose for your characters. For example, in Apex Legends you choose a character that has certain abilities that have their own usefulness depending on the situation. However, Hyper Scape has their own version of “abilities” called Hacking. Hacking are abilities that you pick up as an item.

There are currently 10 Hacks in the game that help to enhance your defense, offense, or movement: Armor, Ball, Heal, Invisibility, Magnet, Mine, Reveal, Shockwave, Slam, Teleport, and Wall. Your character can hold at most 2 Hacks at a time and those two hacks can be used over and over, but there is a cooldown.

One of the best combos that most players used are Reveal and Teleport. With the Reveal ability, it reveals all enemies and the direction that you choose. The Teleport Hack allows you to teleport you to a location in a direction of your aim, so if you need to duck out of a fight quickly or find a new angle, Teleport is good to have. With these two abilities, you can use them either when pushing other players or just evade ambushes.

Death is not the end in this particular game because you will get the chance to be revived by another teammate. When you die in a fight, that location will be turned into a Restore Point which your teammates can travel to and revive you, but they cannot revive without your “echo-being” in the Restore Point. If they cannot revive you, you will still remain as an Echo or a Ghost. However, being an Echo has numerous advantages such as pinging while chasing the enemies for your team.

Another mechanic that is unique to Hyper Scape is weapon/hack fusion. When you find the same item that you already have, you can have the option to fuse it, which will result in an upgraded version of your weapon/hack. For weapons, the magazine and the damage rate will increase significantly. For hacks, the cooldown on every ability will decrease and enhance the abilities.

Besides from the game’s mechanics, the lore is also an essential part of the game. It’s set in 2054 on Earth, and everyone’s been crammed into these mega-cities. The world’s far from perfect. A company, Prisma Dimensions, invented something called the B-Link, which is essentially the smallest-sized VR headset in the world. Using the B-Link, you connect to the Hyper Scape, an all-new digital world. This is where you go shopping, watch movies – a bunch of different things just like in the movie Ready Player One.

Hyper Scape is still a new battle royale because it’s in its first season. There will be a lot of competition with other popular games which can result in a lot of expectations from Ubisoft to make the game better. So when you have the time to chill or want to play something with your friends, Hyper Scape is a good choice to try out because there will be a lot of funny and epic moments that you and your friends will experience! The best thing about Hyper Scape is that you don’t need any online subscription and it is totally FREE!