Review: Loyola Academy students “Zoomed Out” with new Hybrid Schedule



Example of hybrid schedule Principal Heintz sends out daily.

Colin Hegener, Writer

When Loyola switched to and announced their current hybrid schedule back on September 8th, many students immediately wanted to switch back to the old e-learning schedule.

Students wanted the 30 minute zoom periods, with school starting at 9:30 AM, and ending at 2:05 PM. This is because the zooms were shorter and the class started later. 

The zooms were indeed too lengthy, as it seemed like they could have been cut down to 35 or 40 minute increments. As a high school student, it’s hard to not be tempted to get distracted or tempted when you’re sitting in one spot. 

“The first couple days of the new hybrid schedule were horrible. I couldn’t just sit there and pay attention for those 50 minutes without being tempted to go on my phone. It was rough,” said senior Liam McCarthy.

Loyola Academy students were also confused on why the passing periods with the new hybrid schedule were so long, being 10 minutes in length. With the original schedule, passing periods were 5 minutes long, which most students were used to. 

“I don’t like how the passing periods are 10 minutes long. They could just be 5 minutes and we could be out of school around 2:20 instead of 2:50,” said senior Liam Ryan. The passing period length came up multiple times during the interviews conducted around campus. 

It seems as students are also frustrated with how teachers plan out their schedule to give students tests when they are in school. This seems to be a theme, but teachers should not plan their testing schedule around this new hybrid schedule. 

“Yea, one thing I dislike is that it seems like I only have tests on the days that I’m actually in school. I don’t know if that is coincidence, or teachers planning that in advance. Either way, it kind of gets on my nerves,” said senior Erich Heinz. 

Not all comments about the new hybrid schedule were negative, however, with some students liking only having to come in one day a week. They liked the freedom of being able to learn at home, while also having the responsibility of making sure to pay attention during class with distractions present. 

“I liked how the new hybrid schedule changed and made me adapt my learning abilities,” said senior Owen Mathes. “I would usually get distracted on Tik Tok on my phone while on Zooms, but I’ve learned and gotten better with outside distractions.”

Another positive this hybrid schedule opens up is in-person learning once or twice a week. Some students find themselves way better in class, which is why they don’t mind this new schedule at all because of the fact that they get to go to school once a week. 

Overall, it seems like Loyola Academy’s old e-learning system was better liked than the current one, but the current one also has its advantages as well. The system just needs a few minor tweaks, but it overall is an okay way to learn.