Meet a Rambler: Malik Aro


Jack Garrigus, Editor-in-Chief

This week, the Loyola community is privileged enough to meet senior Malik Aro.

Malik has a very unique background with a lot of life experiences packed into 18 years of life. 5 years ago he migrated to the US from Nigeria. Since then he has acted as a mini-parent to two younger siblings. He has helped them grow and develop while also managing a challenging course load, athletics, and multiple extracurriculars.

Malik fancies his role is good preparation for later in life as a father as he has been cooking meals and managing his brothers’ schedules for a long time. The theme of family is very important to Malik and runs through many other parts of his life. In the future, he hopes to become a physician and maybe even build a hospital in Nigeria.

Diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia, Malik wants to be able to use medical skills to help others like him and help him care for his family. A career as a physician seems like the perfect path for someone whose biggest passions are family, helping others, and positively contributing to his community. If his career really takes off, Malik would love to give back to his Nigerian community by building a hospital there.

Malik is also very involved in the Loyola community. He is often seen walking down the halls saying hi to everyone he passes. It seems like he has a personal connection with tons of his fellow Ramblers. Many other people have described him as “very approachable and outgoing.” He takes his outgoing personality with him during his extracurriculars, where he is involved with African American Youth Group and Football, along with being the President of Boys Youth Group.

He is passionate about his activities because he is working towards a goal to make Loyola a better environment for minorities. Malik participates in these clubs to lay a foundation for those that follow in his footsteps. He acknowledges that it is difficult for people of color to flourish in a majority white environment, so he works tirelessly to create a more equitable environment. If he could change one thing at Loyola, Malik wanted to increase diversity and inclusion among the student body.

Malik is a unique member of the Loyola community, with many different passions that help make Loyola a better place. Make sure to strike up a conversation with him when you see him in the halls! (If your last name begins with A-K, of course).