How To Lessen College Application Stress

Tyler Langford, Wrtier

As many seniors know, the early action deadline is quickly approaching.
The college process we began as juniors is slowly coming to its peak, and it’s extremely stressful. From having to write a multitude of supplemental essays to waiting on ACT scores that may or may not arrive, there’s a multitude of stressors. Here is a short list of ways to remain stress free in the college application process.
Tip One: Use your resources. Many of us have parents or siblings who have gone through the college application process before. Don’t be afraid to ask them to look over your rough drafts, mull over your application, and help finalize essays. Once you’ve completed your rough drafts, use the resources provided by Loyola. Your teachers and counselors are there to help so you might as well use the assistance they offer.
Tip Two: Make a checklist. Studies show that making checklists not only helps with productivity as you have a specific list of what you must accomplish, but that it in fact helps relieve stress. The feeling of checking something off of a list of tasks is proven to release endorphins that not only boost your energy and take away from stress, but help ease your mind as well.
Tip Three: Be proactive. While it’s late in the process and applications are due in five days, do not use that as an excuse to be complacent. Ensure that you are utilizing your free time in the most productive way possible while also allowing some time to yourself. Don’t spend every waking moment on your applications, but the more work you get done now, the less you’ll have to do the day before.
Tip Four: Be precise. If you double and triple check your application now, you have less proofreading to do later. The more thorough you are in the moment, the less energy you have to expend reading over your own material in the future.
Tip Five: Focus on the applications that are due on the early action deadline. A growing number of schools don’t offer an early action application so there’s little benefit to spending the little time you have left stressing about applications that aren’t due now. Focus on the schools that have upcoming due dates and leave the ones that don’t for the future.
Overall, while the college application process is extremely stressful, it helps to understand that everyone is in the same position as you. You’ve worked hard for three years for this so try to enjoy the process and understand that Loyola sets you up for success.
Hopefully these tips help you work towards a less stressful college experience