Fall Play Goes Virtual

Izzy Silva, Writer

Loyola Academy Thespians will be putting on a production of scenes and monologues called Greetings from Quarantine. They are written, directed, and performed by Loyola students. 

This year, as we all know, has been very different, so this called for a different type of production.  Before COVID, each year there would be a fall play produced on the stage with a live audience. This year there will be recorded scenes and monologues instead,  all produced before by students. All recordings will be online by November 12th for viewing.

I was lucky enough to be able to see a couple of productions being done during tech week.  From what I saw, I can tell you that these productions will be amazing.  Everyone has been working so hard to get this production ready for viewing.  From the actors, to the writers, to the directors, and backstage crew.  Everyone has put forth their best effort to make this production come together.

These scenes and monologues are all related in some way to COVID or quarantine.  I think these scenes and monologues are a great way to share experiences of COVID and quarantine.  It’s a great way to share what we’ve been through and how we’ve felt.  

The monologue that I was able to see come together is called Janie which is written by Emma Weatherhead.  It is directed by Tadgh Walsh and performed by Ella Sangin.  It is about a girl in quarantine and her experience about it. She mainly talks about her feelings toward quarantine and how they changed over time.

In one of my favorite moments, Sangin says, “I think I hated quarantine because that’s what I was supposed to say. Because that’s what everyone else was saying. But in reality I felt the complete opposite. I felt safe and comfortable and protected. Protected from all the chaos of the outside world. Surrounded by people who didn’t judge me and who I knew loved me.”

It is a really great and touching monologue. It talks about how Janie feels, and what she’s been through. 

What is especially great is that the students were able to do this by themselves.  It shows that students can do and create great things.  All the students did great things to help this show come together.

I’m very excited for all of you to see Greetings from Quarantine.  Lots of hard work has been put into this production.  It has been great fun too, and I’m glad that I was able to see this production all come together.  I hope you all watch and enjoy Greetings from Quarantine next Friday on November 12th!