Get to Know a Teacher: Ms. Roman

Ashley Sanchez, Writer

The Loyola community consists of various teachers and staff. In an attempt to get to know some of our teachers and staff better, I interviewed Ms. Roman, who works in the Social Studies Department. She teaches various U.S History, Economics, and Entrepreneurship courses.

Ms. Roman has always wanted to be a teacher. She grew up with a passion for teaching from a young age, being a tutor and teaching assistant during high school. She chose to teach history because of her grandfather, who often told her stories about his experiences with the Great Depression and the Korean War. She loved these stories, and decided to pursue a career in teaching something that she loved deeply. She attended Marquette University, where she also studied psychology. 

Her favorite part of teaching is the interaction with students. She says that she’s never alone while teaching, and that it’s a great experience to be with students. She also loves what she calls “the lightbulb moment,” or the look on a student’s face when they finally understand a difficult topic. She enjoys teaching U.S History the most, her favorite topic being World War II. And if she didn’t teach, she would most likely be a school counselor, since she studied psychology in college. 

Lastly, she has some advice for students who also wish to become teachers. She wholeheartedly believes that experience is key. It is essential that you gain as much outside experience as possible. This includes tutoring, observing, being a teacher’s assistant, and more. When picking this career, it is important to be absolutely sure that this is a good fit. 

“As a teacher, you’re always growing,” she says. “I continually learn both in and out of the classroom. During the summer, I take even more classes to get more certifications. I think you just need to experience it and be sure that it’s for you.”