Major Change at Loyola for the Students, by the Students

Members of ALAC work on a model of the entire school to help envision the design of a new quad.

Samantha Nieman

Members of ALAC work on a model of the entire school to help envision the design of a new quad.

Edward Nieman, Writer

Major changes are on the way at Loyola Academy for the students, designed by the students. Loyola has tasked the AIAS Chapter (Architecture Club) to design the new renovated and reimagined quad.

The quad has always been an important part of the Loyola community but hasn’t seen many major changes in a while. The AIAS Chapter is looking to change that. Starting in 2021 Loyola will break ground on its new $25.7 million dollar theater and shortly after will begin work on the new quad.

The AIAS Chapter is looking to make the new quad the most inviting and communal space possible. To try to achieve that the chapter recently sent out a survey to the Loyola Academy community to ask for suggestions and ideas of what exactly to include in the new quad.

Jessie Pasma, the member of the AIAS Chapter in charge of the designing of the new quad, said “We want to include new and inviting touches such as more seating, a garden area for the environmental science club/class, and an amphitheater to bring our arts programs outdoors for performances and/or rehearsals.”

The AIAS Chapter is aiming to create a space that includes all the aspects at Loyola in turn to build a stronger community through the new quad.

The AIAS Chapter is currently working on designing the quad through a large whole school model that they are building.

“Our main focus is a massing model of the whole Loyola Academy campus that will show the placement and overall design of the new theater as well as our ideas for a new and improved quad. This model will not only include the building but it will include trees and sidewalks that will be placed in the quad ” says Pasma.

Through this model the students will be able to see and design the best space for the new quad. Currently the members of the AIAS Chapter are meeting with the architects in charge of the project. They are closely communicating with those architects to brainstorm ideas and talk about the logistics in designing and building the quad.

Another member of the AIAS Chapter Samantha Nieman said “It’s amazing to work alongside the architects to design something that will be at Loyola for years to come while benefiting thousands of students along the way.”

Samantha Nieman really emphasized the point that the AIAS Chapter is really working to fulfill student’s desires for what they want included in the new quad. She says “Student input is one of the most important things we are looking at right now. The students input is vital to the design of the new quad.”

Loyola will break ground for the new theater in 2021, and will last for approximately 16 months, and shortly after that they will begin the work on the quad.

The current quad is one of the more popular places in the school to hangout on a nice day but when the renovation is complete expect it to become the hangout destination at Loyola.