Ramblers Knock off Marian Catholic in Double OT


The Year

Pemberton begins a drive to basket against Maine South. The team will need more of his style of play coupled with smart decision making to be successful in their jam-packed schedule.

Tyler Langford, Writer

It took two overtimes to get it done, but ultimately, the Ramblers walked away with their fourth consecutive win by a score of 46-41 over Marian Catholic.

The game was an up and down affair with a lot of mistakes from each side. Pemberton starred filling up the score sheet with 17 points, five boards, three assists, and three steals, but committed two costly turnovers at the end of regulation to force Loyola into OT.

Scotty Dean had a fantastic game knocking down three threes and finished with 11 points, and sophomore Ben Moser had five including what Head Coach Tom Livatino referred to as a “Big 3” in first overtime to give the Ramblers the lead.

Senior Jalen Axibal was money at the free throw line down the stretch, had a major steal at the end of double OT that was referenced by Coach Livatino postgame as a “Big steal,” and took three charges to go along with Tommy Ziprich, Scotty Dean, and Max Garcia, who each took one in their own right.

Overall, Loyola’s defense really shined down the stretch. Dean, Pemberton, and Axibalall really impressed on the defensive side of the ball, with Axibal limiting Marian’s dynamic point guard Tre Jones to just one point, and Pemberton and Dean keeping Marian’s star player and best scorer Jeremiah Jones to just 14 points. They forced a myriad of turnovers and Dean and Axibal combined to draw four charges.

On the offensive side of the ball it was really nice to see Vaughn’s aggression manifest itself throughout the game. He’s a running back and he plays like it. More than once he barreled his way into the paint and was able to find himself with an open layup, but that aggression came at a cost with a few low percentage shots and a myriad of turnovers.

I absolutely love Pemberton’s game, but would like to see him limit the bad shots and use his ability to get to the rim to facilitate open threes for his teammates when the defense collapses.

McClinton, who has really adapted to his role as the team’s center this season, impressed again inside with six rebounds.

As a few of the guys said at the end of the game, it wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win, and that’s the attitude the Ramblers need to have five games into a grueling season jam packed with games on short rest.