Ramblers Sneak Out a 45-40 Win Over McCauley

Tyler Langford, Writer

In a close battle throughout, the Ramblers walked away with a big win on Thursday night to beat Mother McCauley and improve to 12-2 overall and 5-1 in conference play.

It was a back and forth game, and Loyola handed the lead away a few times down the stretch, but were in control for most of the game.

In a game where the three ball wouldn’t fall, it was the inside presence of Summer Parker-Hall and Isabella Ogliore that carried the team to a win. Parker-Hall finished with 13 points and five rebounds while Ogliore had eight boards to go along with eight points.

Leading the way for McCauley was Faith Okorie, who was matched up with Ogliore throughout the night. Ogliore did a really good job denying her the ball in the low post and forced a myriad of steals by poking away a multitude of entry passes.

Okorie scored 15 but was largely a non factor in the second half, mainly due to the defense of Ogliore.

Loyola didn’t score much, but the scoring was spread out pretty evenly. Outside of Parker-Hall and Ogliore, Scarsella had five points and seven rebounds, Dabu had four of each, Nyah Moore knocked down a pair of threes to go with seven boards, and Angelina Giordano had five points including a big three pointer in the second half.

The ball movement for Loyola stood out today as a majority of their buckets came off assists, and their consistency at the free throw line shone as they shot 17/21 from the charity stripe.

The Ramblers are in second in the conference, and assuming both they and Ignatius can win out, next Thursday’s Jesuit cup will determine the CCL championship.