Is it Time for Golden Goose to Migrate?

Ali Keeler, Writer

Notorious for its high price point and hatred on social media, the shoe brand Golden Goose has made several appearances in the halls of high schools, clubs of Miami, and by celebs on different colored carpets.

Created in 2013, and now with a net worth of 1.3 billion dollars, the brand has been trending for over five years. Their most common style, the “distressed” look, is noted with a star on the side of the shoe and the letters “GGDB” written along the tongue. Shoppers can find their average cost of a pair to be at around $270 dollars… so why do people keep buying them?

After doing much research perusing through instagram feeds belonging to Golden Goose owners, there was no clear answer in sight. To improve the investigation, the question was brought to the spirited halls of Loyola Academy.

The brand Golden Goose is certainly no stranger to these grounds, worn by many students both in and outside of school. Wanting to get the inside scoop, the interviews began amongst students starting with senior Nellie Hasley. Nellie, a familiar face of many, a four year Loyola tennis player, and a member of multiple clubs, is also a proud Golden Goose owner. Describing the shoes as “comfortable, long lasting, and worth it,” she stands behind Golden Goose and their notable entrance into the trending fashion world.

Having a conversation with her regarding the high price point of the shoes, Nellie stated “when you can afford them yourself and not with your parents’ help, it is the acceptable time in your life to buy them.”

She thinks no young girl should be wearing a $200 pair of shoes as she compared it to a baby owning a Chanel bag, “it just doesn’t make sense.”

Transitioning to a male point of view, the next interview was with senior Patrick Alder. With his own startup Mor Brand, he too is trying to find the way to create a successful brand. Not afraid to share his opinion Patrick said the designs in are “crap” and said the company is “trying too hard to be a designer brand.”

Going through the halls of Loyola everyday he says “he’s seen them around, but they are not attractive.” He believes that more and more people keep buying them because “they are just expensive and they want to look cool…they want to say ‘oh look I have a Golden Goose, I’m rich.'”

So does the Golden Goose have to migrate? Although it has a comfortable fit, durable sole, and one of a kind designs, the brand is constantly ridiculed for its high, obnoxious price point. With many different opinions it’s hard to say if the trend is here to stay or fade.

Some may see the brand as a fashion do, and some may see them as a fashion never, and, sadly, some may see the shoes as an opportunity to brag about money. Only time will tell the future of this billion dollar brand.

But, let’s say if it does disappear, don’t worry, don’t fret, Patrick highly recommends the “$65 adidas tennis shoes from Dicks Sporting Goods…they’re fire.”