New Store Shack is a Hit

Suzanne Gervasio , Writer

As a wise man once said, “whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to shop.” Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has definitely not shopped at Shack!

Shack, a new store in Wilmette is a lifestyle shop filled with beachy apparel, gear and gifts. It is located  at 1181 Wilmette Avenue right next to a number of restaurants, so it’s a perfect spot to pop into after you grab a bite to eat.  It’s open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sundays from 11am to 4pm. 

The store was opened by a Wilmette family who have three girls who all work at the shop. They also own another store, Share which is right next door. Share carries high end house decor and jewelry, while Shack has girly clothing and accessories. 

Shack is well known for their trendy clothes and jewelry. As stated on their website, “shack clothes are for the girl who loves to keep it casual, but never boring and is ready to hit the beach or the streets.”

The store carries a variety of well known brands such as Billabong, Free People, Surf Gypsy, Vintage Havana, and many more. Not only does Shack have apparel it also carries room decor and beauty supplies.

Jennifer Gervasio, a regular shopper at Shack claims, “Shack is the perfect place to grab a gift for a girlfriend.” She shared that her favorite products are the stylish bracelet key holders because they ensure she’ll never lose her keys while also adding flair to any outfit. 

Maggie Lazar, another local shopper claims, “I would never have expected to find so many items in one trip, my whole closet is practically all from Shack.” 

Other popular items are lounge pants and the matching tye dye sets, which are perfect to quarantine in. Shoppers also enjoy their seamless tank tops and adorable selection of jackets. Shack also has a wide selection of decor which include items such as blankets, lights, and candles. 

While Shack might be enticing to females it doesn’t carry anything for males.  The store is also relatively small so there isn’t a wide selection of options. Keep in mind that the Shack does not have it’s own parking lot so you may have to walk a bit to get there. The prices are reasonable but definitely not cheap. However every item is high quality which ensures for long lasting use. 

The pros of Shack most definitely outweigh the cons and I would most definitely advise you to check this shop out. With summer approaching we all could use a new bathing suit or sun hat. If you are in need of new clothes or accessories Shack is calling your name. Treat yourself to a shopping experience of a lifetime at Shack.