Hockey Spring Showdown

Stephanie Smith, Writer

This is not a Packers vs. Bears game. It also is not a Cubs vs. Sox game. It is only one thousand times better: A Loyola vs. New Trier girls hockey game.

While both teams had to get dressed for the game in the parking lot for COVID-19 reasons, you could feel the tension rising as they stared each other down from opposite sides of the lot. This rivalry is present no matter what sport is being played, or quite honestly, is even present when a Rambler crosses a Trevian on the street.

Puck drop was at 8:00 on the main sheet of ice at Wilmette Centennial Ice Arena. One may wonder: Why is girls hockey still in season? Technically they are not, but the club puts together a spring league that allows returning players to stay in shape and incoming freshmen to not only participate but prepare themselves for the high school level play.

Assistant Rambler Coach Gina Guzzi had this to say about the team, “It is great to see the girls back together after we were not able to have playoffs because of COVID. Every year, I love watching the returning players welcome the incoming freshmen onto the team.”

The camaraderie this team has is quite apparent on the ice. To start the game off, rising junior Lauren Smith scored the first goal quickly into the first period.

“I top shelved it, the shot was right from the top of the slot,” said Smith.

New Trier, eager to return the Rambler’s goal, came back with another quick shot from outside of the face off dot, scored by rising senior Camryn Brown.

Ending the first period with a score of 1-1, rising junior Kelly Morgan reflected on the game plan discussed, “We are always determined to beat New Trier, even if it is just a spring game. We knew what we had to do, we just had to perform.”

This being said, the girls came out to play as soon as the puck dropped for the second period. The Ramblers dominated the Trevians throughout the whole second period, scoring a total of two goals, one scored by Smith again and the other by rising freshman Abby Piatigorksy.

The puck had stayed in the Trevians’ zone the whole time, forcing them to fail on simple plays. The Ramblers knew that if they kept the puck deep in the offensive zone, and perfected their forecheck, they would be set to add another victory onto the record.

Finally, to secure the win, rising freshman Addie Darragah scored on an open net from a pass by Smith that had caused the opposing goalie to be completely out of position. It was a textbook two on one play.

While this was the only goal to be scored in the third, both teams showed a tremendous effort and kept the competitiveness up. It would not be a true Loyola vs. New Trier game if viewers ever felt bored of watching.

Of course, the game did get physical out there, but in reality, every hockey game is physical. Both teams ended the game in a great sportsmanlike manner congratulating each other on a game well played, resulting in a final score of 4-1, Ramblers.

In hopes to keep up their perfect record, the Ramblers play again on Sunday, May 9. The opponent and location is still unknown, but keep an eye out for updates on the Ramblers Hockey Website.

That’s a wrap on the greatest sports rivalry ever.