The World Has Been Doomed Since 2017

Ali Keeler, Writer

It is easy to say that our world is doomed because we already knew that. Between China and climate change, the possibilities are endless for our ending.

But, I think we’ve looked past one minor detail. The real reason we are done is simple. Vine died in 2017 and our society has sucked ever since.

Through all the years since my birth (2003) up till 2017, I’ve seen an intelligent, creative, and determined society. We were so innovative that we came up with award winning fads.

Starting in 2012, Gangnam Style hit the charts and dances with this song were done worldwide. Following this, the Harlem Shake (2013) came along and took everyone by surprise. Everybody and their moms were in their living rooms doing obnoxious dances in 5 second time periods.

Shortly after came the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (2014), the Blue/White Dress Challenge (2015), the Mannequin Challenge (2016), and, finally, the Bottle Flip Challenge (2016).

Sadly, this is where our world turned. The best fad we have come up with since 2016 you ask? The Flossing Challenge… Now that’s upsetting.

When Tik Tok entered the markets, this opened up a new opportunity for us as a society to regain a base for artistic, comedic material. But, this platform became an addiction, a way to look at minors dancing in strange ways, and a way to find weirdly healthy recipes without searching on safari.

Yes, I do go on Tik Tok for two hours a day, but the material is mind-numbing and not original. People forget about their long lost ancestor Vine, a platform where not everybody was trying to get famous and you could actually get in a meaningful, can’t breath type of laugh through one of a kind content.

In these days of 2021, everybody wants views and everyone wants to be an influencer. From nothing to “something” people all over the world are gaining traction on the app and suddenly getting millions of views. They see stars like Charli D’Amelio getting 100 millions followers, moving to LA, living in an influencer house and think I want to do that, too.

If I were to ask kids today what they wanted to do, I’d get answers like “make money” and “be an influencer.” What happened to the dreams of being a firefighter and astronaut. How are we going to survive if we all become influencers? If we all enter the influencer system, we’re toast.

Scrolling through Instagram today, I already see some of the most illogical arguments and posts being posted to please everybody and receive praise. “If you go to the gym you are fatphobic” was just a story I saw a week ago claiming that we shouldn’t go to the gym to help those who are bigger feel more welcomed in society.

Let’s smarten up guys. This is not the solution for body positivity and these types of posts are irrelevant and won’t help society one bit. Let’s stop posting things to help our views go up immediately.

It’s time to wake up. If everyone starts trying to please everybody we aren’t going to get anywhere. If we are all trying to reach the same goal of obtaining followers, views, and money we will go nowhere.

We are the last hope for the world, so let’s be useful, delete Tik Tok, and bring back Vine.