Cafeteria Catastrophe

Dylan Sargent, Writer

Do you remember the cafeteria food from past years? Do you long for a good meal when that lunchtime bell rings, only to encounter little to no options?

Since COVID-19 hit, there have been restrictions on the food available in the cafeteria. Handmade food is not allowed because of possible cross contamination.

Loyola’s favorites, burrito bowls, chopped salads, grilled cheeses, and more, could not be offered for this school year. Students had a lot to say about this.

“The food this year has been limited and we don’t have a ton of options this year,” says junior
Kate Ginn.

With much of the old menu gone, seniors and juniors cannot help but think about their freshman and sophomore year. “Life was a little better when I had a burrito bowl at lunch,” Ginn adds.

Seniors have also been noticing even less food available to them. By the time senior lunch rolls around, the snacks and some lunches are nearly gone.

“I like getting a snack at lunch, but by the time I get to the cafeteria, everything’s gone,” says  senior Ava Placio.

Seniors think there is just not enough food for every grade.

Students have been quite upset over this since school started for the 2021-2022 school year. Taking precautions for safety reasons is one thing, but completely annihilating half of the lunchtime menu is another.

Senior Timmy Vallace brought light to this after noticing the rapid decline in the options at lunch. He even attempted to start a movement, trying to get others to sign for better lunch food.

This was quickly filled with promises of old foods making a comeback, yet, they are not. Members of the community have claimed that the cafeteria was working on new foods after Labor Day, but no changes have been made. There is potential for some in the works, however the community does not know about it just yet.

On the other hand, the famous Loyola cookie has stayed at its top ranking spot on everyone’s list. Students are pleased to hear that the cookie stayed the same from previous years, with an exception of a few days.

A popular menu item the students enjoy is the chicken sandwich, an all time favorite. “Although I miss the chopped salads, the chicken sandwich is my and my friends’ favorite,” Ginn states.

As for me, I always looked forward to a chopped chicken Caesar salad at lunch. Now that it is gone, I fill this with snacks that I am not even positive will be there when lunch and flex come around.

While enjoying what food they still have, students wait for the day that they get their old lunches back. Will Loyola change their lunch, or will they stick with what they have?