Lights, Camera, Action


Dylan Sargent

Hollywood is coming to Loyola.

Dylan Sargent, Writer

With Homecoming just around the corner, the students at Loyola Academy are ecstatic to see what’s in store for the night. From homecoming proposals during school and the chaos around finding a dress, the people can’t wait for this night of fun.
This event-filled night takes a lot more than just a few details and decorations. The entire week leading up to the big day is full of fun.
The dance isn’t just fun and games — Student Council has been planning this for a long time. For the past month, members of Student Council have been preparing for this night. Every Thursday when they meet, members separate into tables to discuss the upcoming events. One table for the pep rally, one for the dance, one for spirit week, and so on.
“We decided on the theme and spirit week over the summer, so we’ve known that for awhile,” says senior Eva McHugh, longtime Student Council member.
Pre-COVID, Homecoming was typically enjoyed in the West Gym. This year, Homecoming is taking place outdoors on the field. These decisions were inevitable, unless you wanted to wear a mask the entire time. An outside dance seems like the right choice for our circumstances.
The last time the dance was held, the theme was the Wizard of Oz. This year, the theme is to be Hollywood. Everyone loves a good walk down the red carpet.
“We had a few themes in mind, but ultimately we knew that we all wanted it to be Hollywood. The decorations would look so cool,” McHugh adds.
It is weird to think that the only grade that has attended a school sponsored dance are the seniors, Class of 2022. With COVID, the last school dance was Homecoming 2019.
“I’m excited for my first school dance. It’s weird being a junior and never going to one,” says Kate Ginn.
Although everyone loves the dance, people are also very excited for the pep rally, held the day before. The cheerleaders and Poms team all preform, and Loyola makes a very special shout-out to all of the sports teams during the fall season.
Everyone enjoys the entertaining dance done by the football team and the Poms girls in past years, but this year it was removed from the program to provide more opportunities for other sports.
Nonetheless, students and faculty can’t wait for the week ahead. From Disney to Deck Out Day and everything in between, we’re all eager for our night in Hollywood!