Loyola Takes on the Red Carpet for Homecoming


Ana Unger

Liam Zidar takes aim at Mr. Karch during Monday’s dunk tank.

Welcome to Hollywood! Students broke out their best beach, California, and neon wear for the first day of spirit week. Hawaiian shirts were among the most popular dress down day clothing. Leis and bright colored shirts and sweatshirts were numerous as well. Loyola has never looked so colorful!

During lunch periods, students stopped by the Kona shaved ice trucks outside the piazza for a cold treat before stopping by the real action of the day.

The LA dunk tank is back! Crowds gathered for both frosh/soph and junior/senior lunches to watch their favorite teachers get dunked. For just $1 students could have 3 shots at the dunk tank, with all proceeds going to Missions brown bag lunches for the homeless. From about 10 yards away students of all grade levels took a crack at dunking teachers and staff members.

Coach Batti drew a massive crowd of freshmen and sophomores. Mr. Strauss could not be dunked, but Mr. Kelp-Lenane went under in just two shots.

Mr. Stonequist got dunked in his work clothes, and Ms. Roman went down five times thanks so some baseball players.

Mr. Stonequist eggs on the contestants. He was later dunked while wearing his dress clothes. (Ana Unger)

Meanwhile inside, the line was out the door of student activities to purchase homecoming and freshmen luau tickets. Get ready Ramblers, because spirit week is back!

Tuesday was quite the buzz for Loyola Academy’s students. Students came to school dressed in their favorite team’s jerseys.  The hallways were filled with Bears, Black Hawks, Cubs and more.

At flex students got to work competing against their peers in a 3-point contest and a knockout event. In the knockout game students waited in a line covering the entire gym area, as they tried to sink a shot before their friends.

The 3-point contest had students taking four 3-pointshots from different spots around the 3 point line; this game gave basketball players their chance to shine!

Sophomore student Sofia Marino participated in the 3 point contest. “I’ve never seen my classmates so excited just for one week of school,” she said.

Although there was no set winner for the two contests, students had smiles on their faces the entire time. Buckle up, Ramblers, because this is just the beginning of spirit week!

During Wednesday flex and lunch periods students jumped on inflatables of all kinds. The basketball inflatable drew a crowd of many fighting for a chance to get in.

The lines were long but not as long as the lines for the jousting. People lined the football field hoping their turn would come before the bell rang and summoned the end of the period.

Ana Unger

Riddles from the movie A Star is Born were available in the daily announcements for students to complete and compete for prizes given later in the week. It’s only Wednesday, Loyola, so be ready for the rest of the week!

On Thursday the building was full of the Loyola’s favorite Disney characters. There were plenty of princesses, Mickey Mouses, and the most popular costume, the Star Wars saga! The force was definitely with Loyola, as halls were packed with Yodas, Jedis, and classic Star Wars t-shirts.

The highlight of Thursday’s theme was the Karaoke performed at flextime. Students got the courage to belt out some classic songs such as “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Sweet Caroline,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Peers went moonstruck for Nathaniel Matanuihan’s (class of 2023) solo performance. Not only was his singing outstanding, his piano skills impressed all who watched.

Preparing for the football game this weekend, Disney day certainly helped “kick off” a bright future and attitude for this homecoming weekend.

On Friday, the halls were filled with Ramblers in maroon and gold from head to toe. You could feel the energy as soon as you entered a class with everyone taking pride in the clothes they were wearing. Some students went all out even wearing their football pants all day!

Students who went all out got trophies, including Ramblers with exciting maroon white and gold striped pants.

Along with spirits high in the classroom, students were able to attend a pep rally at the end of the day. The pep rally included varsity athletes competing in tug a war along with performances from the step team, acapella group, cheerleading and poms.

The state champions lacrosse girls even beat the state champions lacrosse boys in tug a war. The acapella group sang a great performance of  “Video killed the Radio Star.” 

The Pep rally was a great way to kickstart the Homecoming and Luau weekend