Pep Rally Amps up Ramblers for Homecoming Weekend


The Year

Ashley Voss waves the Rambler flag with pride during the Pep Rally.

Dylan Sargent, Writer

As Loyola waves Homecoming week goodbye, we cannot help but reminisce on the main events of the week. With dress down days, flex activities, and so many more things to do — what really caught everyone’s attention was the pep rally.

In  past years, the rally was mostly held in the East Gym. Because of COVID (I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that), it was held outside on the football field this year. This definitely did not change the energy the students of Loyola had for this event.

Ran by seniors Ashley Voss and Andy Kelly, the pep rally on the Friday before Homecoming was most definitely electric.

Fall sports teams and their captains held center stage, competing in intense games of “Tug of War.” The crowd cheered their favored team on as they were on the edge of their seats, waiting for the winner.

The Cheer team then performed amazingly as we watched them flip through the air. With months of practice, they for sure nailed it. With stunts and moves like that, I am certain that they will kill it during their competition season.

Now for my personal favorite, the Poms team, also known as the Ramblerettes. One might say they are a bit overworked, with practices every day. But, the pep rally all paid off. Seniors Eva McHugh and Francesca Menconi choreographed an incredible routine for all of Loyola Academy to watch. Doing a  ittle bit each day, the girls worked hard to make this perfect — not to mention the music, which took four hours alone to compile.

The killer Acapella group showed us their skills in a version of “Video Killed The Radio Star.” With unbelievable vocals, they sang their way through an amazing pep rally bit.

Some were a tad upset with certain traditions getting removed from this year, such as the Poms and football teams choreographed dance. This was always a favorite, and we were sad to see it go.

In one of the best performances I’ve ever seen, the Step team makes a comeback. We haven’t been able to watch them since Homecoming of 2019 — The last time they were able to show us their moves. The community of Loyola was not disappointed to watch them own the dance floor.

A few T-Shirt tosses here and there, and the crowd went wild. Everyone had a blast at this year’s pep rally. As seniors say “sayonara” to homecoming, the rest of the school cannot help but ask, “when’s next year?”