Loyola Student Section Brings School Spirit


The Year

The Student Section explodes with spirit during the game against Providence. The theme was “Pink Out” for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Audrey Smith, Writer

The Loyola Academy football season always brings excitement, especially because we are number one in the state. But one of the best parts of the season for students is the Student Section.

Every Saturday, students from all grade levels gather at the north end of the home side bleachers to cheer on their fellow Ramblers. The student spectators are usually decked out in a chosen theme.

This Saturday’s theme was Pink Out for Breast Cancer Awareness. Some Ramblers were decked out in head-to-toe pink with face paint, too. Even the cheerleaders and poms team were decked out in pink as they cheered in front of the section. The Student Section seemed pretty loud considering Loyola won the game 40-0.

The Student Section definitely brings lots of energy to the game. Usually the senior boys lead everyone in cheers and chants. Be careful of what clothes you wear to the game, because you might get sprayed with “Silly String” or colored chalk. Other spectators of the game can look over and see the big Loyola flag that is waved from the Student Section.

Many students at Loyola go to the games because of how much they love to show their school’s gameday pride. Caroline Carney, a senior who attended last week’s game said, “My favorite part of the games are being in the Student Section. It’s definitely a fun way for our school to get together.”

With this year’s team being so successful, it brings more students out to the games. Although Delaney Rossi, another senior, argues, “Sometimes it’s the closer games that makes the Student Section more fun.” The closest game this season was against Brother Rice where Loyola won 46-43.

The team right now is getting ready for the playoffs, and so is the Student Section. Because of the pandemic, the team was robbed of a chance to win another state title last year. The last time they won was in 2018.

Carney is also excited for the playoffs. She states, “The last time we were in the playoffs and the championships I was a freshman, so I didn’t really go to the games. But I’m ready to go this year.”

To anyone nervous about participating in Loyola activities, the Student Section is a great place to start. It really gives you a taste of what school spirit is all about. And you get to cheer on the number one team in the state!

As the Ramblers continue to dominate the football field, the students will continue to cheer on their classmates, as they pursue another state championship.