Artist Takes on Hispanic Heritage Month

Charlotte O'Bryan, Writer

As many are aware, September is Hispanic Heritage Month. Here at Loyola Academy, students from the art department were assigned to create a piece of artwork inspired by Hispanic culture.

One very bright and talented artist, Gina Li, shared her experience and was able to shine light on Loyola’s art classes and programs.

Gina Li is a junior at Loyola, and has just recently joined an art class this year. “Ever since I was little I have taken art classes and they have always been a good experience for me, but this was the first year I decided to sign up for an art class at Loyola.”

For Gina’s artwork, she decided to dive into a vintage Hispanic magazine. Gina was moved by a portrait photo. “The portrait of the women had completely moved me, it was different and I knew I wanted to base my work off of it.”

To help make the art piece more unique, Gina put the young woman in different clothing, took reference of her face, and created an entirely new background. Gina took her chances at experimenting with a new form of art, and using new patterns and colors in her art piece. 

At the end of Gina’s hard work, she said she overall felt accomplished, and the risks of trying a portrait and being bold with her designs helped her express the message she wanted to.

“I wanted to show appreciation for Hispanic culture and heritage, while also improving on my own technique. Trying a portrait really helped me find new skills.”

The art display for last month was chock-full of individuality from all the students that participated. For those that enjoyed Gina’s art, her next project will be on landscapes, where the artists will be using oil pastel and get to choose their own landscapes to create their own personal art piece.

Students and teachers will be able to see the final works this month at the end of the history hall! It’s crucial to acknowledge all of Loyola’s talents, from athletics, smarts, and especially the Arts.