Bake Sales Break the Bank

Charlotte Burke, Writer

Bake sales are back at Loyola – and students can’t seem to get enough! 

Girls volleyball and poms put on sales for METAvivor Breast Cancer research. The field hockey team raised funds for Fill a Heart 4 Kids, helping homeless and foster children in the Chicago area. The Misericordia club organized a sale, and the Loyola Academy Service Team collected money for the Gonzaga Drive. The latest two bake sales were put on for the Kino Border Initiative, a Catholic organization assisting migrants, and Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. All bake sales were held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Piazza throughout the school day.

Sales were big with some groups raising over $800 for their respective charities! Even at 7:30am, no student could resist a homemade cupcake or cookie. Most sales sold out by or during lunch periods. Many students pleaded with teachers to let them visit the bake sales during class time, which led to long lines of entire classes in the piazza. Some groups even restocked their sales – asking parents to drop off more store-bought goods.

With everything priced at $1, students couldn’t help but purchase treats of all kinds. Students could pay with cash, but pushcoin was by far the preferred method. Students scanned away as they grabbed treats, some not even knowing how much they had spent. 

Among the most popular baked good items were cookies of all kinds, rice krispie treats, and brownies. Some students went all out, baking homemade cupcakes or even pumpkin bread. Various clubs and teams are filling up spots quickly for second semester bake sales already. 

It’s fair to say that students are thrilled that bake sales are back – especially when the money goes to a good cause.