Enter If You Dare


Dylan Sarget

Hope Squad took on a door in the science hallway to spread their message.

Dylan Sargent, Writer

If you haven’t noticed, Loyola has had colorful and spooky doors posted all throughout the school to promote all things in the community.

Although Halloween has just passed, Loyola Academy still has their decorative doors up. These aren’t just any doors, though — these doors are decorated by clubs, classes, and even more. They spread awareness, give fun tips and tricks, and are just so festive!

Many faculty members in charge of these clubs and classes emailed students weeks before Halloween to see if they were able to help create these doors. Tons of students replied and were dying to help out.

Madame Kendrigan, French teacher, emailed her students regarding her door, and they were glad to help out. They put together an amazing “8 Things To Do In France” presentation: Halloween themed (and French themed, of course).

Honors Spanish 4 created a Day of The Dead themed door to represent the loved ones who had passed away. They celebrated with bright butterflies and colorful skulls to show the Spanish culture.

The Croatian Club just had fun with it. They created a spooky mummy in the math hallway, just keeping the Halloween spirit alive at Loyola.

Of course, the Fine Arts department had to go all out and make a life size monster looking over you as you enter the art room. Next time you’re in the deep crevasses of Loyola, take a look at our very own artists’ incredible work to keep all things spooky during these few festive weeks.

Clubs and classes also used this as an opportunity to spread awareness about serious topics. One club created a door focusing on climate change: what it is and how we can help.

If you just take a glance around Loyola, I’m sure you will see tons of these doors hanging around. There are so many more than listed, and these students and faculty members worked very hard to make these look amazing. Take it all in, because they won’t be up for much longer.

Even though these doors are temporary, it lasts forever in the hearts of those who contributed
and those who watched it all unfold.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, Loyola has tons of festivities lined up for the community. Just wait and see!