Thespians Bring Annie Jr. to Life


M. Krein

Mr. Warbucks and Annie learn what it takes to be happy – each other.

Charlotte O'Bryan, Writer

Last Thursday, Loyola’s Theater Department had their first show of Annie Jr.; the adventurous story of the young, charming orphan Annie desperately trying to find her lost family from her deadbeat orphanage, but finds something much more unexpected in the end. The opportunity to live with billionaire Oliver Warbucks teaches dear Annie that family doesn’t just mean blood, but also means being there for each other no matter what. 

Thursday’s audience was a great mixture of families and Loyola’s students. Young Annie, performed by junior Chloe Molins, did a phenomenal job of embodying her character as well as performing successful musical numbers that left viewers cheering in their seats. 

The famous Mr. Warbucks and Secretary Grace Farrell were played by Casey Lyons and Hannah Beil. It could be said that these two were the audience’s favorites, as their round of applause at the end was one of the loudest and most energetic. 

The evil Miss Hannigan and her relentless sisters Rooster and Lily were played by Malina Mandel, Sara Morales, and Kate Sipchen. All of the scenes they had made the viewers burst into laughter with their witty lines and catchy songs. 

Loyola’s famous therapy dog, Teagan, was the perfect candidate for Sandy and performed perfectly alongside Chloe Mollins. My favorite scenes were when Teagan would come on stage with Annie.

Not only were the actors vital to the play, but the lighting and backgrounds were beautiful and helped Annie Jr. come together. The main background was a beautiful depiction of city buildings in front of a dark sky full of stars. This really helped set the play in New York and was pleasing to look at. Every prop used was painted with detail and was visible even if you were sitting all the way in the back row.

I think Annie Jr. was entertaining for viewers and definitely expanded the support and love for Loyola’s Theater Department. For those unable to go, all students should be in attendance for the theater’s next production that will be out in the spring!