Theater Nears Completion


James Casey

While the inside isn’t ready for action yet, in less than a year it will be.

James Casey, Writer

With less than one year to go from the unveiling of the new Loyola Academy theater, the excitement is boiling over.

The mainframe of the building is completed, and the construction team is soon moving into the final stages of the project. Junior Giorgi D’Angelo, Principal Violist for the Honors Orchestra said, “The new theatre will provide needed space for our fine arts department. It will allow for the thriving of communities like Loyola Strings, Choir, and so much more! The new theatre is just what this school needed to showcase its hidden talents!”

Additionally, theater students such as Junior Charlotte O’Bryan see vast potential in the new facility. “As a theater student in Mr. Yost’s class, I’m so excited to see what he is directing! Loyola’s last play was amazing and I’m expecting big things from them next!”

Standing as the second tallest building in Wilmette behind the Bahá’i temple, the new, 28,000 square-foot theater will feature space for performances, student activities, and learning opportunities. Audience members will experience an expansive, modern building featuring large glass paneling and indoor and outdoor performance spaces. Students will enjoy the use of a fully equipped scene shop, makeup and dressing rooms, and modern lighting and production technologies. 

Loyola has long been known for its successful sports programs. The Loyola football team won the state championship in 2018, and both the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams won their respective state championships in 2021.

However, with this construction of the new theatre, Loyola is showing not only a commitment to athletic ability but to artistic ability as well. In a grand gesture of confidence in the arts, Loyola Academy is preparing for great things to come.