21 ways to Survive High School in the 21st Century 

Grace Kelly, Writer

Surviving high school seems like a complicated process that consists of going through dozens of trial and errors… 

Survival tip #1: Join clubs that interest you. It may seem like an easy concept but truly join clubs that attract your interest. Try something you haven’t done before such as badminton or crew. You never know what you like and don’t like until you try it. 

Survival tip #2: Communicate with others who look different from you. After speaking with Loyola Academy’s school counselor, Berenis Fernandez, she had a few things to say, “Highschool is a time period where students struggle the most with self identity, so accept everyone for their flaws and talents.” Growing up in grade school, most of the students come from similar backgrounds and ethnicities. Once hitting high school, it’s important to talk to people who are from different cultures and background groups. 

Survival tip #3: Try new hobbies. This is different from joining new clubs because not all activities that one could be interested in are school clubs. Go outside and try new things. Don’t be afraid to feel fear. 

Survival tip #4: Reinvent yourself. If you were mean in middle school or you were quiet or obnoxious, change it for high school. Create the version of yourself that you want to be friends with. Be the version of yourself who you would want to talk to everyday. 

Survival tip #5: Grades matter, but they don’t define you. It’s so nice to consistently get an A on assignments but it’s okay if you have an off day. It’s okay if you get a B or even a C. Grades don’t define your worth. 

Survival tip #6: Don’t lie. When you lie, the situation becomes out of your control due to the truth and the actual knowledge of what occurred isn’t being shared – a lie is. Lying will most definitely make everything worse. 

Survival tip #7: No gossiping. This is similar to lying, but gossiping is a waste of time. Why are you spending so much time on someone you’re saying you don’t like? Move on with your life. 

Survival tip #8: Not every friend is a forever friend. Counselor Berenis Fernandez said, “There’s too many superficial friendships in high school, specifically freshman year.” The friends you met in high school aren’t necessarily the friends that will be at your wedding. 

Survival tip #9: Advocate for your needs. Ms. Fernandez noted, “Social media is pointless during school, while you’re here take advantage of your time. Advocate for your needs.” No one is going to know what you need/want. You need to speak up about what is being concerned over. 

Survival tip #10: KARMA.

Survival tip #11: How you treat others is a reflection of how you see yourself. When you have a negative view of every single person you surround yourself around then the problem isn’t just the people. Art teacher Mrs. Yatabe said, “If you treat yourself well then wellness will be attracted to you.” The problem is also your perspective. 

Survival tip #12: Scratch mine, scratch yours does not exist in high school. In high school everyone is selfish so all you need to do is keep close friends close and keep yourself closer. 

Survival tip #13: Choose kind words. You never know what someone is going to remember. Just because it’s not important to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t hit that person. 

Survival tip #14: Don’t procrastinate. You will realize more time will end up being taken up when it’s pushed to the end. 

Survival tip #15: Review daily, if not then weekly. Constantly reviewing helps the brain retain better information faster and easier. 

Survival tip #16: Study for finals. It may not seem like an important test since your grade can’t be affected too much from it. But study! Finals are important because it can change your grade in a positive way that can truly advance your grade point average.

Survival tip #17: Do homework the day it’s assigned. Not only will that help you retain information faster but it is also a more proactive way of getting assignments done. 

Survival tip #18: Appreciate your teachers. They are there not because it’s their job but because they chose this job. They actually care and want you to succeed. And that isn’t just because it looks good on them. 

Survival tip #19: Don’t feed into stereotypes. Judging a book by its cover is a good way to not branch out and stay with the same friends that you don’t necessarily feel comfortable with. Hang out/be friends with someone because you’re interested in their life and personality not because of similar interests. 

Survival tip #20: Date. You don’t know what you like until you’ve learned. Mrs. Yatabe had some wise words, “Date as much as you can so you are aware of what to expect within relationships, but always be smart with your choices. They are important even when you’re young.” In the sense of what you need to best support yourself. 

Survival tip #21: Don’t waste time on people who drain your energy. If you aren’t happy with the environment you are around, then don’t be in that environment anymore. It is your life, you’re in control.